Research & Development

Due to the expansion of competitive world markets and the need to provide superior products and services by major manufacturing and service companies, the need to establish research and development departments is given more importance.

Therefore, R & D department of Kalayepump Company was established with the aim of optimizing performance and improving services, and has so far managed to have a great impact on the need to perform and develop the activities of Kalayepump Company.

Nowadays, those companies that produce products with high level of quality and innovation using updated technology and knowledge and meet the needs of their customers are successful in competitive market. Considering this policy as its agenda, Kalayepump Company regards R & D as an important resource for innovation and as an important stimulus for the development of the company, so that while optimizing the performance of the company, it could design new models. Thus, R & D can have a main impact on quality of the pumps manufactured by Kalayepump Company.


Pumps produced by Kalayepump Company are designed with the cooperation and approval of design and R & D department of Albania Co. of UK, and also specific industrial pumps are provided through this company.

The ability to test various electro pumps up to 4000 cubic meters per hour capacity at pressure of 60 bars and voltage of 6000 volts in factory of Kalayepump Company.