Rotary Twin Screw Positive Displacement Pumps

Rotary Twin Screw Positive Displacement Pumps

API 676 Standard

Manufactures joint venturely by K.P.Co. & Albany Engineering Co. (England)

Horizontal Models

  • SH1, internal bearing for Lubricating fluids
  • SH2, external bearings for non-Lubricating & high viscosity fluids
  • SH3, internal seal for clean fuels of low viscosity

Vertical Models

  • SV1, internal bearing for Lubricating fluids
  • SV2, external bearings for hot or dirty liquids
  • SV3, internal seal for clean fluids of low viscosities

Material Class:

  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Stainless Steel



  • Crude oil & oil products 
  • Lubricating oil 
  • Fresh water & oily water 
  • Sea water, bilge & ballast 
  • Aircraft refueling & aviation fuels 
  • Bitumen & asphalt 
  • Fire foam concentrate & boiler firing 

Industrial Usage 

  • Industrial, oil exploration & petrochemical environments 
  • Viscous fuel for Storage plant
  • Marine, offshore & dock areas

Design & Special Features 

  • Horizontal / Vertical twin screw types 
  • API 676 standard
  • Horizontal model heating options available
  • Space-saving vertical models 
  • Vertical models available with or without integral relief valve 
  • Pumps fitted with hardened timing gears and locating bearings  so there is no contact between the screws
  • Shaft stiffness maximized by the screw design hydraulic balance 
  • Maximum volumetric efficiency
  • Excellent suction lift 
  • NPSH required is dependant on viscosity and speed, and can be as low as 0.5m 
  • Fully guaranteed 
  • Maintenance can normally be carried out without disconnecting either the suction or delivery pipe work and with the electric motor remaining situ  

Technical Specifications

(Twin Screw Type)
Nozzle Size up to 20”
Capacity up to 1500 m3/hr
Pressure up to 30 bar
Max. temperature 350℃
Viscosity range 1-60.000 centistokes
Sealing Packing or mechanical seal
Design Standard API 676, Latest edition
Flange standard ANSI (other standards also available)
Speeds 4-pole for normal duties
2-pole for smaller pumps
6 or 8-pole for oily water or very high viscosity (over 20.000 Cst)
Drive Mechanism Direct with flexible/Rigid spacer coupling
Drivers Explosion proof or standard type (safe area) Electromotor/Diesel Engine
Material Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, aluminum bronze or gunmetal, duplex alloys

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