Rotary External Gear / Internal Lobe Pumps

Rotary External Gear/ Internal Lobe Pumps

Models: KP AP – HD & SMC
API 676 Standard

Manufactures joint venturely by K.P.Co. & Albany Engineering Co. (England)

Material Class:

  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Stainless Steel



  • Crude oil & oil products
  • Lubricating oil
  • Resins & paraffin
  • Bitumen & asphalt
  • Molasses• Paints
  • Petrol 

Industrial Usage 

  • Industrial, oil exploration & petrochemical applications
  • Viscous fuel for Storage plant 

Design & Special Features 

  • Rotary gear 
  • API 676 standard 
  • Incorporated relief valve available on all models
  • Many available with double helical rotors for quiet pulse-free operation
  • High precision long life designs
  • Thermal oil heated & electrically heated versions 
  • Close coupled compact range 

Technical Specifications

(Gear Type)
Nozzle Size up to 6”
Capacity up to 120 m3/hr
Pressure up to 30 bar
Max. temperature 350℃
Viscosity up to 250,000 centistokes
Sealing Packing or mechanical seal
Design standard API 676, Latest edition
Flange standard ANSI (other standards also available)
Drive Mechanism Direct with flexible/ Rigid spacer coupling
Drivers Explosion proof or standard type (safe area) Electromotor / Diesel Engine
Material Cast iron, cast steel, staniless steel, aluminum bronze or gunmetal, duplex alloys

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